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6 Tips to Help you Master CV Writing


In today’s competitive job market, creating an outstanding CV is vital to stand out from the crowd. Your curriculum vitae is essentially your professional story, showcasing your skills, experiences, and qualifications to potential employers. To help you secure that dream job, we’ve come up with some helpful CV tips that will make your application shine!


1. Tailor Your CV to the Job:

Remember, one size does not fit all when it comes to CVs. Take the time to tailor your CV for each specific job application. Carefully review the job description and highlight relevant skills and experiences that align with the role. This demonstrates to employers that you are genuinely interested and well-suited for the position.


2. Keep It Concise:

While it’s essential to include relevant information, hiring managers don’t have all day to read through lengthy CVs. Aim for a two-page CV, focusing on the most important details. Be clear and concise in your descriptions, using bullet points and short paragraphs to enhance readability.


3. Showcase Achievements and Skills:

Employers want to know what you can bring to the table. Instead of simply listing your responsibilities, emphasise your accomplishments and how they made a positive impact. Use quantifiable metrics whenever possible to demonstrate your contributions, such as increasing sales by X%, managing a team of Y members, or completing projects ahead of schedule.


4. Highlight Transferable Skills:

Even if you lack direct experience in a particular field, you may possess valuable transferable skills. These are skills that can be applied across different industries or roles. Focus on highlighting your adaptability, communication skills, problem-solving abilities, teamwork, and leadership qualities. These attributes can make a significant impression on employers.


5. Keep It Professional:

When it comes to your CV, professionalism is key. Ensure your contact details are up-to-date, including a professional email address and a phone number that you actively use. Use a clean and easily readable font, such as Arial or Calibri, and maintain consistent formatting throughout. Proofread your CV meticulously to eliminate any typos or grammatical errors.


6. Include a Well-Written Cover Letter:

While a CV provides a comprehensive overview of your professional background, a cover letter allows you to personalise your application further. Use the cover letter to express your enthusiasm for the role, highlight your relevant experiences, and explain why you are the ideal candidate for the position. It’s an excellent opportunity to showcase your communication skills and demonstrate your interest in the company.


In conclusion, crafting an exceptional CV is a crucial step towards securing your dream job. By tailoring it to the specific job, showcasing your achievements and transferable skills, you can significantly increase your chances of landing an interview. Remember to customise each application and accompany your CV with a well-written cover letter.

Osborne Talent Series I Adare HRM I Work Life Balance & Miscellaneous Act

Huge thank you to Sarah Fagan, Managing Director of Adare Human Resource Management for joining us for another Osborne Talent Series Webinar and delivering a wonderful presentation  on the Work Life Balance & Miscellaneous Act. As always, you covered a number of key topics and we were delighted to have you with us this morning.

Thank you also to everyone who joined us and for the positive feedback we’ve received so far. We had 300 clients with us for today’s webinar with plenty of interaction throughout which always makes for a thoroughly enjoyable and informative session.

Finally thank you to Marsha O’ Sullivan , Director of Client Services and David Walsh, Director of Commercial Development with Osborne for hosting and acting as joint moderators throughout.

Looking forward to the next webinar – details of which will be announced soon!

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Temporary Jobs Article Benefits

Why Temp? The benefits of having a Temporary Job

Temping and having a temporary job has become an increasingly popular option for jobseekers over the past number of years. With benefits for both employees and employers, temping is a great way to gain experience, earn money, and even transition into a full-time job. In this article, we will outline the main benefits of having a temporary job and why it could be a great option for you.

First and foremost, temping provides a flexible work schedule. This can be especially beneficial for those who have other commitments, such as family, education, sporting or medical commitments. Temporary jobs often vary in length from short to long term assignments and contracts, allowing temporary employees to choose when they want to work. This can make it easier to balance work and other responsibilities.

Another benefit of temping is the opportunity to gain valuable ‘on the job’ work experience. Temping allows individuals to try out different roles and industries, gaining invaluable experience which can help to determine a future career path. The experience gained while having a temporary job can also help individuals build their C. V’s and develop new skills.

In addition to gaining experience, temping can also lead to full-time employment. Many of the temporary assignments received by Osborne lead to permanent full-time positions which is a win-win for both employee and employer. Temping also offers the chance to network, build relationships and gain an invaluable insight into an organisations company culture.

Got questions? Read our Temping FAQ here 

Most importantly, temping can provide a source of much needed income during periods of unemployment or job searching. Having a temporary job can help individuals maintain their financial stability while they search for their next permanent role. It is also a great option if an individual is visiting Ireland on a working holiday visa and is on the look-out for a short term assignment that suits both their skillset and schedule.

Temping also offers a sense of variety and excitement as each new temp job brings a new challenge and opportunity to learn something new.

As you have read, temping offers multiple benefits for both employees and employers. There is always a huge demand for temporary talent across multiple sectors and specialisms in Ireland with Osborne receiving new temporary assignments everyday.

If you’re considering temping and would like to find out more please contact Osborne on 01-6384400 or email your C.V to

You can also register to become a temp here 

Employment Law Updates & Work Life Balance Act

Osborne Talent Series Webinar

Employment Law Updates and The Work Life Balance & Miscellaneous Provisions Act – Are You Ready?

Complimentary Webinar

Date:                 Thursday 25th May
Time:                 09:30am – 11:00am
Location:          Zoom Webinar – Link HERE
Hosted By:       Marsha O’Sullivan, Director of Client Services, Osborne
David Walsh, Director of Commercial Development, Osborne
Presented by:  Sarah Fagan, Managing Director, Adare HRM.
We are delighted to invite you to attend the latest in our 2023 Osborne Talent Series Webinars in association with Adare HRM.

This webinar is COMPLIMENTARY but registration is essential. Register here.*

The Work Life Balance Act – Are You Ready?
The pace of change and complexity across the Employment Law, Industrial Relations and HR Management spectrum is not slowing down. The opportunity to keep abreast of change and plan for the future is happening through our upcoming webinar.

2022 brought a slew of updates such as Statutory Sick Pay, Minimum Wage, Gender Pay Gap Reporting, Workplace Harassment, Whistleblowing, Tips and Gratuities, and Bank Holidays entitlements.

This trend continues in 2023, with changes around Probationary periods, Work Patterns, Flexible and Remote working and Leave entitlements. Stay in the know and join leading senior HR, IR and Employment Law specialists as they discuss the most recent updates on the long-awaited Work Life Balance Act where Adare HRM Consultants will explore in detail the practical considerations for businesses, answering key questions and providing guidance for Employers on what they need to do to remain complaint.

Topics To Be Discussed:

The Work Life Balance and Miscellaneous Provisions Act has been passed both Houses of the Oireachtas and has been signed into law by the President. The Act introduces several new Employee rights including:

  • Domestic violence leave
  • Leave for medical care purposes
  • Right to request flexible working for parents and carers
  • Right to request remote working for all employees
  • Extended breastfeeding break entitlements

The Act also sees amendments to the Maternity Protection Acts, Adoption Act, Family Leave and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2021, the Workplace Relations Act 2015 and many more.

Who should attend?
Business Leaders, Senior Managers, Business Owners, HR Professionals and those tasked with the responsibility for managing change within their organisation.


Marsha O’Sullivan, Director of Client Services | Osborne
Marsha is Osborne’s Director of Client Services. She works closely with our clients, understanding any additional supports they may need, deepening our partnerships and championing our service delivery.  Marsha is a highly experienced and accomplished customer-focused professional with over 20 years’ experience working in the recruitment industry with clients such as Deloitte, Dell, Enterprise Rent A Car, and more.  Having worked in delivering innovative candidate attraction solutions for clients of all sizes throughout her career both locally and internationally, she builds strong relationships with key stakeholders. Marsha has a keen focus on customer feedback and continual improvement and ensures our SLAs are adhered to and that we are continually delivering tailored solutions and driving excellent client service delivery.

David Walsh, Director of Commercial Development | Osborne
David Walsh is a highly experienced international recruitment professional with a proven track record of solving skills shortages for companies in Ireland and internationally. From partnering with government bodies and multinationals to working with indigenous SME’s, David is an adaptable and innovative recruitment professional who has tailored bespoke solutions for all levels of assignment to solve their specialist recruitment needs. David has in excess of 22 years’ experience working within the recruitment industry and holds a BBS Hons in Marketing and French and a Diploma in Sales and International Selling.

Sarah Fagan, Managing Director | Adare HRM
Sarah’s role as Managing Director involves overseeing the strategic direction of the business and the HR and Employment Law support services provided to clients across a wide range of sectors by the experienced team of consultants within Adare Human Resource Management. Prior to taking on the role of Managing Director in January 2022, Sarah’s role as Consulting Practice Manager was to support Adare Human Resource Management clients in the delivery of agreed strategic Employee Relations, Industrial Relations and Human Resources consulting projects and oversee the consultancy services provided to clients.

Don’t miss out – register today*

{Register now for this COMPLIMENTARY webinar}

Feel free to share this invite with colleagues or peers who would have an interest in the topics being covered.

*Upon registration, participant details will be issued to both Osborne and Adare HRM.

Upcoming Osborne Events:
Osborne Talent Series Webinar with Leading Economist; Jim Power. | Wednesday, 10th May 2023 9.30am-11am. | Register here:

Osborne Talent Series Webinar with Jim Power

Complimentary Webinar

Date: Wednesday 10th May 2023
Time: 9.30am – 11am
Location: Zoom Webinar
Hosted By: Shona McManus, CEO & Owner of Osborne
Presenters: Jim Power, Ireland’s leading and best-known economic analysts

This webinar is COMPLIMENTARY, but registration is essential.
Register here:

We are delighted to present the next instalment of our Osborne Talent Series Webinar for 2023 in association with one if Ireland’s best known Economists Jim Power. Jim will be giving an insightful and detailed discussion centred on:

• Update on the Global Economic Outlook
• Implications of the global economy on FDI & investment rates
• Health check on the Irish Economy today
• The outlook for the Irish Economy and the implications for business planning over the:
> Short term – next 12 months
> Medium term – next 5 years
• Challenges & Opportunities for businesses
• Focus on the labour market and factors currently impacting it
• Analysis of the current housing market and the implications for business growth

Who should attend:
Business Leaders, Senior Managers, Business owners and those tasked with the responsibility for managing change within their organisation.

Jim Power, BA, M.ECON.SC
Jim Power is one of Ireland’s leading and best-known economic analysts. Jim has a wealth of experience in delivering insightful economic analysis, forecasts and commentary to both Irish and international audiences. Jim has worked as an economist in the private sector for over 35 years and is owner manager of Jim Power Economics, an economic and financial consultancy, which he set up in 2009.
He was previously Treasury Economist at AIB (1987-1991), Chief Economist at Bank of Ireland Group (1992-2000) and Chief Economist Friends First Group (2000 to 2018). He is a board director of Love Irish Food. He is a member of the Institute of Directors in Ireland. He successfully completed the Institute of Directors Diploma examinations in Company Direction in 2022 and is now busily looking for board positions!!!!. He writes regularly for national newspapers and is a regular contributor to radio and TV debates and discussions, and podcasts such as The Stand and Win Happy.
In February 2021, Jim and Chris Johns launched their own Podcast ‘The Other Hand’, which is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other podcasts hosts.

He lives in Dublin and is a native of Waterford. He comes from a farming background.

Shóna McManus, MBA Owner & CEO, Osborne
Qualified to MBA, Shóna McManus is a highly accomplished, respected and recognised global recruitment business leader who has been listed for the Staffing Industry Analysts Global Top 100 Women in Recruitment and the Top 100 Staffing Professionals in Europe for the last six consecutive years. Since taking the reins of Osborne in April 2013, Shóna’s innovative, authentic and purposeful leadership has resulted in the growth and transformation of Osborne into the multi-award-winning international recruitment firm we know today. Under her guidance, the organisation has increased its footprint, turnover, profits and headcount tenfold over the past nine years, adding numerous awards to its repertoire whilst leading the organisation to successfully help thousands of job seekers and employers in the recruitment process to ‘find the right person, for the right job, no compromise’. Shóna was previously Vice-President of the ERF, President of Drogheda & District Chamber and currently serves on a number of Boards as Board Director such as Drogheda Port and is involved in Regional, National and Government committees and strategic work groups and projects, for example, Shóna is a Co-Chair for The Mill Enterprise Centre in Drogheda.

Don’t miss out, click here to register for this COMPLIMENTARY webinar.

* Upon registration, participant details will be issued to both Osborne and Jim Power.

Upcoming Osborne Events
25th May 2023 9.30am-11am Planning for Compliance, Preparing for Change – The Work Life Balance and Miscellaneous Provisions Act in association with Adare HRM. Register here.

Osborne Gala Anniversary Celebrations


Friday 31st of March will be a night to remember across Osborne for a long time to come as we celebrated 10 phenomenal years since Osborne CEO Shona McManus took over the company. Our Gala Black Tie dinner was held in the magnificent Round Room at the Mansion House and all we can say is WOW – what a night! From mind-hacking to glow sticks and a limbo dance off, the night had it all!

From the bottom of our hearts thank you to all of our amazing clients for joining us on what was such a memorable and special evening. To the staff at the Round Room at the Mansion House, thank you for the superb food, outstanding venue and for looking after us so well. To the incredible Keith Barry and supergroup Springbreak who entertained everyone into the wee hours of the morning, thank you – we were truly blown away by your talent!

As a team we are so proud of everything that has been achieved over the past 10 years since Osborne CEO Shona McManus took over the company in 2013. From growing the Osborne team from a small but mighty group of 6 to an enormous team of 90 + Osbornites, recruiting across 5 continents and 15 countries from our 10 office locations in Ireland and Toronto, Canada. It’s been a phenomenal 10 years.

Speaking at the event Osborne CEO & Owner Shona McManus said

“I am incredibly proud of what we collectively do in Osborne as an expert Recruitment team. Recruitment Excellence is at the heart of everything we do as Osbornites. We’re led by a deep sense of purpose for changing the lives of the people that we serve and work with and I couldn’t be prouder of our team and all that we have achieved together”

We also officially launched our Osborne rebrand, new look website and our #ChangingLives campaign and purpose video, something we cannot wait to share with the world – Watch this space for the big reveal on April 17th!

Outplacement & Redundancy Support Services Case Study – Event Management/Media Firm

The Background:

Due to an internal restructure within an Event Management/Media Firm, 12 individuals faced redundancy. This group were a mixture of senior managers and support staff. They reached out to Osborne for assistance with the affected individuals who were facing redundancy.

The Actions:

The package offered by Osborne based on the company’s decision were 3 Group Workshop sessions which were then followed up with up to 3 individual 1:1 consultations. We felt this was the best approach as it allowed us to cover the more general support topics in the group workshops while allowing a deeper dive into the individuals during their 1:1 consultations.

The 3 Group Workshops had covered the following:

  • Workshop 1 – Introduction to Osborne & the Outplacement Programme and CV Tips & Advice
  • Workshop 2 – Tips & Advice on Job Searching and creating/updating their LinkedIn profile
  • Workshop 3 – Tips on how to prepare for an Interview

After this, the Individual Consultations covered specific topics that enabled the individuals to go on a deeper journey of their career and their plans for the future:

  • CV Review
  • Interview Preparation/Coaching
  • Introduction to Relevant Specialist Recruitment Consultant
  • Supported through the Transition of leaving the firm
  • Networking Skills
  • Complimentary PC skills testing
  • Topics as required for the individual


The Results:

Following the programme, 8 individuals were equipped for their next steps. 2 individuals opted for the workshop and not the individual consultations while 2 individuals did not engage with the process.

  • 12.5% of Attendees found Another Job in the industry within 2 months
  • 12.5% of Attendees following the 1:1 Consultation found their Dream Job
  • 25% of Attendees changed their Career Paths
  • 12.5% of Attendees decided to take the time to work on their Own Special Project
  • 37.5% of Attendees decided to take a Career Break following the programme


Bespoke 1:1 Consultation Services

The Background:
A Further Education organisation based in the Leinster/Greater Dublin area, 14 roles across the company were made redundant due to a restructuring project and market conditions at the time. The individuals affected by this restructure were a mix of levels of experience and seniority. This organisation reached out to Osborne following previous successful projects in order to provide support on a personal, 1:1 level.

The Actions:

Osborne offered up to five 1:1 consultations to each individual. No group workshops took place due to the various experience levels. It was more appropriate that each person was spoken to on an individual basis to get an understanding of their mindset and how they see their career going forward. Each individual was at a different stage in their career across various departments ranging from Sales to Marketing to IT and more.

Each session was completely bespoke and personalised to the individuals needs. This allowed the freedom for each person to take the programme at their own pace.

The key topics and supports in the sessions covered:

  • CV Assessment
  • Identification of Skill Gaps
  • Job Search Techniques
  • Interview Preparation
  • Counselling/Psychotherapy
  • Financial Advice
  • Networking Skills & Advice
  • Psychometric Testing

At all times throughout the programme, there was a Dedicated Coach available that the affected individuals could speak to at any stage should they have any further questions or queries.

The Results:

All 14 individuals following the programme were equipped and ready for the next stage of their careers and their lives.

  • 57% of Attendees were Employed within 6 months of the programme.
  • 14% of Attendees decided to take a Career Break following the programme.
  • 7% of Attendees took a New Path in their career.
  • 7% of Attendees were placed by Osborne in a new role.
  • 7% of Attendees became Self-Employed.
  • 7% of Attendees returned to the company on a Contract Basis.

Feedback from an Attendee:
“I faced a redundancy due to the negative impact of COVID-19 and it had severely affected my self confidence but Osborne’s Outplacement Service helped me a lot to gain back my confidence. The multiple supports offered by them like 1-2-1 career coaching sessions, CV assessment, interview preparation, psychometric profiling and webinars and many more helped me gain more clarity on my career goals and aided my job search process. The staff is really professional and friendly at the same time. Through this excellent support, I was able to land a fantastic job within a few weeks. I would highly recommend Osborne’s Outplacement Service.”

IHREC Employment Opportunities

Applications for this competition are now closed


Osborne are delighted to be partnering with the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission in the recruitment of a Higher Legal Executive.For details of the position and information on how to apply please see details below.

The Organisation 

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC) is Ireland’s national human rights and equality institution. It was established in November 2014 under the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Act 2014 with a statutory mandate to: 

  • Protect and promote human rights and equality.
  • Encourage the development of a culture of respect for human rights, equality, and intercultural understanding in the State.
  • Promote understanding and awareness of the importance of human rights and equality in the State.
  • Encourage good practice in intercultural relations, promote tolerance and acceptance of diversity in the State and respect for the freedom and dignity of each person, and,
  • Work towards the elimination of human rights abuses, discrimination and prohibited conduct.

The Commission is now seeking a suitably qualified and committed individual to take up the role of Higher Legal Executive.

There is one vacancy at present which will be used to fill IHREC’s Your Rights Information Service Manager position.  Your Rights is part of the Legal Team but it is not a part of the Commission’s legal practice. However, any candidate panelled may be assigned to other HLE duties within IHREC.


The primary responsibilities for the Your Rights Information Service Manager position will include:

  • To be responsible for the day to day management of Your Rights;
  • To develop and manage innovative processes for the provision of quality information on rights to the public in various formats;
  • Leading and motivating a team of staff, to ensure they provide a quality service;
  • Assisting in the management, training, development and appraisal of staff;
  • Developing and updating information on rights made available to the public, conducting related research, devising policies and practices for delivery of the service; identifying business needs and customer trends, developing innovative knowledge-based solutions;
  • Developing standard operating procedures to ensure the consistent delivery of service to the public, and to the Commission;
  • Identifying business needs and requirements for Your Rights; working closely with stakeholders to develop and maintain knowledge management systems, including the selection and integration of technology-based solutions;
  • Handling complex and sensitive enquiries;
  • Developing and operating appropriate systems for the monitoring of services to the public and related reporting metrics;
  • Attending meetings and providing reports and submissions as required; and
  • Undertaking such other duties as may be assigned.

Other potential Higher Legal Executive duties may be assigned to include some/all of the following, this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Managing and supervising the use of standard operating procedures, including Lexcel and Keyhouse, within the Legal Department;
  • Ongoing review and improvement of business processes to ensure maximum efficiency;
  • Engagement with external stakeholders, including clients, counsel, the Court Service etc.
  • Production of periodic reports for the Commission’s information on matters relating to its mandate; and
  • Arranging the delivery of support to litigation teams some of which may include
  • Ensuring preparation of papers for litigation before the superior courts and WRC;
  • Arranging and delivering support to solicitors at hearings, where necessary;
  • Ensuring delivery of assistance to the solicitors in the assessment of applications for legal assistance (advice and/or representation) by members of the public (section 40 IHREC Act 2014); and
  • Arranging for / delivery of preliminary research on cases and queries (e.g. Justis, Westlaw, HUDOC etc.)

The responsibilities outlined in this job description should not be regarded as comprehensive in scope and may be added to or altered as required, in line with the requirements of the Commission.

Application and further information

*Download the Application Form Here*

*Download the Information Booklet Here*

Applications should be submitted via email and must include:

  • A completed Application Form outlining why you wish to be considered for the post and how your skills and experience meet the requirements for the position

Only applications fully submitted will be accepted into the campaign.

To apply for this role candidates must submit the relevant, signed and completed application form to

Closing Date 

Deadline for application: Please note latest receipt for applications is Wednesday 12th April 2023 at 1 pm. Incomplete applications, postal applications or CV’s will not be accepted. Any applications received after the closing date and time will not be considered.

An acknowledgement email will be issued for all applications received. If you do not receive acknowledgement of your application within two working days of submission, please contact Osborne Recruitment at to ensure your application has been received.

No enquiries or canvassing should be made directly to IHREC. 

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applications from people from diverse backgrounds and under-represented groups including ethnic minority and people with disabilities. 

Tá ríméad ar Osborne dul i gcomhpháirtíocht le Coimisiún na hÉireann um Chearta an Duine agus Comhionannas chun Ardfheidhmeannach Dlí a earcú.  Chun sonraí a fháil faoin suíomh agus eolas ar conas iarratas a dhéanamh, féach na sonraí thíos.


Is éard is Coimisiún na hÉireann um Chearta an Duine agus Comhionannas ann ná an institiúid náisiúnta atá freagrach as cearta an duine agus comhionannas. Bunaíodh é i Samhain 2014 faoi Acht Choimisiún na hÉireann um Chearta an Duine agus Comhionannas, agus an sainordú seo a leanas aige:

  • Cearta an duine agus comhionannas a chosaint agus a chur chun cinn,
  • Forbairt cultúir a spreagadh ina léireofar meas ar chearta daonna, ar chomhionannas agus ar thuiscint
  • idirchultúrtha sa Stát,
  • Tuiscint agus feasacht a chothú maidir leis an tábhacht a bhaineann le cearta daonna agus comhionannas
  • sa Stát,
  • An dea-chleachtas a spreagadh ó thaobh caidreamh idirchultúrtha de, caoinfhulaingt agus glacadh le
  • hilchineálacht a chur chun cinn sa Stát, mar aon le meas ar shaoirse agus dhínit gach aon duine, agus
  • Oibriú ar mhaithe le deireadh a chur le treascairtí ar chearta an duine, idirdhealú agus iompar coiscthe.

Lorgaíonn an Coimisiún anois duine a bhfuil na cáilíochtaí oiriúnacha bainte amach acu agus atá tiomanta chun glacadh le ról Ardfheidhmeannach Dlí.

folúntas amháin ann faoi láthair a úsáidfear le post Bainisteoir Seirbhíse Faisnéise Do Chearta CÉCDC a líonadh Do Chearta (Your Rights) mar chuid den Fhoireann Dlí ach cuid de chleachtas dlí an Choimisiúin é. Is féidir aon iarrthóir a chuirtear ar an bpainéal a shannadh do dhualgais eile AFD laistigh de CÉCDC, áfach.


Áireofar leis na bunfhreagrachtaí maidir le post an Bhainisteora Seirbhíse Do Chearta an méid seo a leanas:

  • Bheith freagrach as bainistíocht laethúil ar Do Chearta;
  • Próisis nuálacha a fhorbairt agus a bhainistiú chun faisnéis ardchaighdeáin a sholáthar ar chearta don phobal i bhformáidí éagsúla;
  • Foireann a stiúradh agus a spreagadh lena chinntiú go gcuireann siad seirbhís ardchaighdeáin ar fáil;
  • Cabhrú le bainistiú, oiliúint, forbairt agus breithmheas foirne;
  • Faisnéis ar chearta a chuirtear ar fáil don phobal a fhorbairt agus a nuashonrú, tabhairt faoi thaighde gaolmhar, beartais agus cleachtais a cheapadh chun an tseirbhís a sholáthar; riachtanais ghnó agus treochtaí custaiméara a shainaithint, réitigh nuálacha eolasbhunaithe a fhorbairt;
  • Buan-nósanna imeachta oibriúcháin a fhorbairt lena chinntiú go soláthraítear an tseirbhís go comhsheasmhach don phobal, agus don Choimisiún;
  • Riachtanais ghnó a shainaithint do Do Chearta; oibriú go dlúth le páirtithe leasmhara chun córais bhainistíochta eolais a fhorbairt agus a chothabháil, roghnú agus comhtháthú réiteach teicneolaíochtbhunaithe san áireamh;
  • Fiosrúcháin chasta agus íogaire a láimhseáil;
  • Córais chuí a fhorbairt agus a oibriú chun monatóireacht a dhéanamh ar sheirbhísí don phobal agus méadracht ghaolmhar tuairiscithe;
  • Freastal ar chruinnithe agus tuarascálacha agus aighneachtaí a sholáthar, faoi mar a theastaíonn; agus
  • Tabhairt faoi aon dualgais eile a d’fhéadfaí a shannadh.

Is féidir dualgais eile fhéideartha Ardfheidhmeannach Dlí a shannadh, roinnt den mhéid seo a leanas ina measc cuid díobh agus liosta críochnaitheach é seo:

  • Bainistiú agus maoirseacht a dhéanamh ar an úsáid a bhaintear as buan-nósanna imeachta oibriúcháin, Lexcel agus Keyhouse ina measc, laistigh den Roinn Dlí;
  • Athbhreithniú agus feabhsú leanúnach a dhéanamh ar phróisis ghnó le héifeachtúlacht uasta a chinntiú;
  • Idirchaidreamh a dhéanamh le páirtithe leasmhara, cliaint, abhcóidí, an tSeirbhís Chúirteanna etc. ina measc.
  • Tuarascálacha tréimhsiúla a chur le chéile ar mhaithe le heolas a sholáthar don Choimisiún ar cheisteanna a bhaineann lena shainordú; agus
  • Soláthar tacaíochta a eagrú d’fhoirne dlíthíochta, ar féidir a áireamh le roinnt díobh:
  • A chinntiú go n-ullmhaítear páipéir do dhlíthíocht a chuirfear faoi bhráid na n-uaschúirteanna agus an CCÁO;
  • Tacaíocht a eagrú agus a sholáthar d’aturnaetha ag éisteachtaí, nuair is gá;
  • A chinntiú go soláthraítear cúnamh do na haturnaetha nuair a bhíonn measúnú á dhéanamh ar iarratais ar chúnamh dlíthiúil (comhairle agus/nó ionadaíocht) a dhéanann baill den phobal (Alt 40 d’Acht CÉCDC 2014); agus
  • Réamhthaighde a shocrú / a sholáthar ar chásanna agus ceisteanna (e.g.. Justis, Westlaw, HUDOC etc.)

Níor cheart a mheas go bhfuil na freagrachtaí a dtugtar cuntas orthu sa sainchuntas poist seo cuimsitheach i dtaobh scóipe agus is féidir cur leo nó iad a athrú, faoi mar a theastaíonn, ar aon dul le riachtanais an Choimisiúin.

Iarratas agus tuilleadh eolais

*Foirm Iarratais*

*Leabhrán Faisnéise D’iarrthóirí*

Ba cheart iarratais a chur isteach ar líne agus caithfear a áireamh leo: 

  • Foirm Iarratais ina míníonn tú cén fáth ar chóir d’iarratas a chur san áireamh don phost seo agus cén chaoi a gcomhlíonann do chuid scileanna agus taithí na riachtanais don phost

ghlacfar isteach san fheachtas ach amháin le hiarratais a chuirtear isteach go hiomlán ar líne

Le cur isteach ar an ról seo, caithfear iarrthóirí an fhoirm iarratais ábhartha a chomhlánú, a shíniú agus a sheoladh chuig

Dáta Deiridh

Spriocdháta d’iarratais: Tabhair faoi deara, le do thoil, gurb é Céadaoin, an 12 Aibreán 2023 ag 1.00 i.n. an t-am is déanaí a ghlacfar le hiarratais. ghlacfar le hiarratais neamhiomlána, iarratais phoist CV-anna. bhreithneofar iarratais a gheofar tar éis an dáta agus an ama dheiridh.

Eiseofar ríomhphost admhála le haghaidh gach iarratais a sheoltar isteach. Mura bhfuil admháil faighte agat ar d’iarratas laistigh de dhá ó sheol é, i dteagmháil le Foireann Earcaíochta Osborne i ríomhphost chuig lena chinntiú go bhfuarthas d’iarratas.

Níor cheart aon fhiosrúcháin canbhasáil a dhéanamh go díreach le IHREC.

Is fostóir comhdheiseanna é Coimisiún na hÉireann um Chearta an Duine agus Comhionannas agus fáiltíonn roimh iarratais ó dhaoine ó chúlraí éagsúla agus ó ghrúpaí faoi ghannionadaíocht lena n-áirítear mionlach eitneach agus daoine faoi mhíchumas.