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Outplacement & Redundancy Support Services

At Osborne, we continue to support SME’s, Multinationals and Public Sector organisations across many industries as they transition, restructure and forge new strategies during a time which can be difficult for both the organisation and their staff.

For many businesses, restructuring or pivoting their business operations may lead to redundancies, lay offs, dismissals, words that encompass the same difficult situation for the individuals affected. We offer Redundancy Support Services from a group perspective to bespoke 1-to-1 consultations.

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"Embarking on a redundancy journey can be a challenging time for all. How an organisation handles it determines the impact on their reputation both now and in the future."

Group Workshops

Osborne can facilitate Group sessions either on site or virtual. The session can be built around 1 large group or multiple smaller groups each with it's own facilitator. These sessions cover topics that will assist the individuals affected by an organisational restructure by looking at how to approach the job market in today's modern world with the best approach possible.

Session topics include:

  • Tips on creating a modern, up-to-date CV suitable for today's market.
  • Tips on creating a cover letter and any supporting documentation that may be required.
  • Teach/up-skill the candidate about the job searching process
  • How to search for a new job using traditional and modern job searching techniques – using live examples.
  • Creating/Updating LinkedIn Profile.
  • Tips for interviews.
  • Understanding today's market requirements with pre & post interview support.
  • Introduction to an Osborne Specialist Recruitment Consultant.
  • And much more. Topics can also be suggested and discussed by the participants of the group session.
Many businesses choose to start with the Group Workshops before offering Bespoke 1-to-1 Consultations to the individuals affected by the restructuring of the organisation.

We can customise each workshop session to reflect the needs and desires of the attendees.

Bespoke 1:1 Consultations

Osborne can facilitate 1-2-1 consultations with individual employees to build rapport, gain an understanding of their thoughts as they embark on what can be an uncertain time for an exiting employee. We offer multiple services which can be tailored into a bespoke package for each individual. These consultations are entirely themed around what the individual employee needs to get out of them; what areas they feel like they need assistance and advice in to help them re-enter the job search market. These consultations are entirely confidential between the individual employee and the consultant with whom they are meeting with.

Topics and services provided include:

  • Career Consultation, clarity and support around career direction & goals supported by a coach.
  • Confidence levels having received redundancy and going forward in the job search process.
  • CV assessment, advice and guidance in preparing a CV that is up to date for today’s market.
  • The search process (methods to include traditional and modern sources)
  • Interview Preparation, Techniques and advice
  • Psychometric and Skills testing
  • Support from Financial Adviser & Psychotherapist if required.
  • Topics can also be suggested and discussed by the participants of the group session.
  • Dedicated Coach available by phone throughout the programme.
  • Support during the interview process if required.
  • Offer management – Supporting individual at Job Offer Stage, through advice or negotiation techniques if appropriate during the 3 month programme.
  • Ad hoc career coaching tips, tricks and requirements as required by the individual
  • All materials as required

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