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Why Temp? The benefits of having a Temporary Job

Temping and having a temporary job has become an increasingly popular option for jobseekers over the past number of years. With benefits for both employees and employers, temping is a great way to gain experience, earn money, and even transition into a full-time job. In this article, we will outline the main benefits of having a temporary job and why it could be a great option for you.

First and foremost, temping provides a flexible work schedule. This can be especially beneficial for those who have other commitments, such as family, education, sporting or medical commitments. Temporary jobs often vary in length from short to long term assignments and contracts, allowing temporary employees to choose when they want to work. This can make it easier to balance work and other responsibilities.

Another benefit of temping is the opportunity to gain valuable ‘on the job’ work experience. Temping allows individuals to try out different roles and industries, gaining invaluable experience which can help to determine a future career path. The experience gained while having a temporary job can also help individuals build their C. V’s and develop new skills.

In addition to gaining experience, temping can also lead to full-time employment. Many of the temporary assignments received by Osborne lead to permanent full-time positions which is a win-win for both employee and employer. Temping also offers the chance to network, build relationships and gain an invaluable insight into an organisations company culture.

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Most importantly, temping can provide a source of much needed income during periods of unemployment or job searching. Having a temporary job can help individuals maintain their financial stability while they search for their next permanent role. It is also a great option if an individual is visiting Ireland on a working holiday visa and is on the look-out for a short term assignment that suits both their skillset and schedule.

Temping also offers a sense of variety and excitement as each new temp job brings a new challenge and opportunity to learn something new.

As you have read, temping offers multiple benefits for both employees and employers. There is always a huge demand for temporary talent across multiple sectors and specialisms in Ireland with Osborne receiving new temporary assignments everyday.

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