Case Study: Construction Mechanics in Australia - Osborne
  • January 17, 2024
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Case Study: Construction Mechanics in Australia


The Assignment

Our client was a leading manufacturer of construction equipment with operations based in Australia. They had an urgent requirement to fill multiple positions in the construction industry but encountered a significant skill shortage locally. Facing this challenge, the client approached Osborne, with the specific requirement of recruiting construction mechanics across several Australian states. Due to the scarcity of qualified candidates within Australia, it became evident that alternative approaches needed to be explored. Consequently, Osborne developed a comprehensive strategy aimed at targeting potential candidates from Ireland and the United Kingdom.


The Process

To address the skill shortage, we implemented the following steps:


Job Advertising: We launched targeted job advertisements in Ireland and the UK, promoting the available positions to construction mechanics interested in relocating to Australia. This approach aimed to tap into a larger talent pool with relevant skills and experience.

The recruitment team thoroughly assessed each application received, focusing on candidates with the required qualifications, experience, and willingness to relocate. This process involved evaluating CVs, conducting initial interviews, and shortlisting the most promising candidates.

Upon shortlisting potential candidates, we organised and facilitated a total of 50 interviews. These interviews were conducted either in person or remotely, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of the candidates’ suitability for the roles.


The Result

After the interview process, we worked closely with the client to finalise the selection of suitable candidates. A total of 20 candidates were successfully placed in construction mechanic positions. Osborne played a vital role in supporting each person throughout the relocation process, ensuring a seamless transition to their new roles. The entire process, from the initiation of candidate sourcing to the placement of candidates, spanned a timeframe of 2 to 6 months. This duration considered the time required for job advertising, candidate screening, interview arrangements, selection, onboarding, and relocation.