Professional Opportunities with the WRC



The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) is an independent, statutory body which was established on 1st October 2015 under the Workplace Relations Act 2015 (No. 16 of 2015).


It assumes the roles and functions previously carried out by the National Employment Rights Authority (NERA), Equality Tribunal (ET), Labour Relations Commission (LRC), Rights Commissioners Service (RCS), and the first-instance (Complaints and Referrals) functions of the Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT).


The overall objective of the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) is to deliver a world-class workplace relations service and employment rights framework for employers and employees.


Against this exciting backdrop, the WRC is currently looking for candidates of the highest calibre for the position of Inspector in the Workplace Relations Commission. WRC Inspectors carry out inspections of workplaces to ensure compliance with employment law. The role includes visiting workplaces, examination of employment records, interviewing employers and employees and acting as a witness in court proceedings. Inspectors also participate in outreach and awareness raising activities, such as conferences, exhibitions and other similar activities’.


Please find below the Candidate Information Booklet pertaining to the position and a link to the application form. All interested parties must complete the application form and submit to by 5.00pm Thursday, 23rd June 2022. Only candidates who complete the application form and submit it by the deadline will be considered for this competition.


Applications for this competition are now closed


The WRC’s mission is to:

  • deliver a quality customer service throughout Ireland, which is speedy, user-friendly, independent, effective, impartial and cost-effective;
  • provide variable means of dispute resolution, redress and effective enforcement; and
  • improve workplace relations generally.



The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) has responsibility for:

  • promoting the improvement of workplace relations, and maintenance of good workplace relations,
  • promoting and encouraging compliance with relevant enactments,
  • providing guidance in relation to compliance with codes of practice approved under Section 20 of the Workplace Relations Act 2015,
  • conducting reviews of, and monitor developments as respects, workplace relations,
  • conducting or commissioning research into matters pertaining to workplace relations,
  • providing advice, information and the findings of research conducted by the Commission to joint labour committees and joint industrial councils,
  • advising and apprising the Minister in relation to the application of, and compliance with, relevant enactments, and
  • providing information to members of the public in relation to employment.