What Makes Osborne Special? Our People. - Osborne


When we ask our team what’s the best thing about working with Osborne the top answer is almost always – working with an incredible team.

We believe it’s what sets us apart from other recruitment consultancies. The fact that our organisation feels like a family that support, collaborate and care for one another.

When a new Osbornite joins the team, the entire office gets involved.

We make it our mission to get to know our new team member really well – like finding out his/her favourite snack and how they take their tea (very important information here at Osborne!)

Louise, John and Robert receiving their Osbornite Welcome packs

We do this because it’s part of our culture.

Right now, we’ve got 3 brand new positions in our brand-new office in Kildare just waiting for the right team of future Osbornites to join us.

Sound like the right place for you?

We’re looking for a Recruitment Consultant, Recruitment Branch Manager and Business Support Executive to join our team.

If you’re interested please contact ayesha.thompson@osborne.ie for a confidential chat or find out more about the roles here https://www.osborne.ie/osborne-careers/