Modern technology has taken the business of recruiting to another level.

Connecting with clients and candidates has never been easier thanks to email, social media, and skype. It might be tempting to communicate only through email and social media, however, the benefits of client meetings should not be underestimated!

In our experience, nothing compares to a good ‘old fashioned’ face to face meeting.

We’ve seen firsthand the incredible benefits of client meetings.
It’s something we know our clients really appreciate and ultimately leads to some phenomenal placement rates and success stories.

There are multiple benefits to meeting with your Recruitment Consultant.

Read on to discover why.


The ‘Osborne Way’ 

One of the reasons why our ‘Osborne Way’ style of recruitment is so successful is; we meet with our clients prior to placing any employe within their organisation.

It might be more convenient to send an email or pick up the phone, but nothing compares to the depth of a relationship created by meeting face to face.

As an Osborne Consultant, we truly believe that we are an extension of our clients and invest time building the relationship before we attempt our candidate search.

Benefits of Client Meetings Osborne Recruitment

Understanding the Client

We begin the process by organising a 1:1 meeting in the clients’ workplace.

We do this to truly understand our clients’ environment, culture, dynamics, and people. It also helps accurately narrow our search and establish the right candidates for that particular organisation.

Knowing exactly what our clients expect, and more importantly, the type of person they are looking for makes our job that bit easier.
In an organisation your people are everything, therefore getting the right fit is everything.

This fact was highlighted in a recent Osborne Employer Survey. It revealed how employers felt that cultural fit, attitude, and skills were the top 3 deciding factors when it came to hiring an employee.

Benefits of Client Meetings Osborne

Preparing the Candidate

By visiting a client’s office, we can properly prepare a candidate for interview, and give a deeper insight into what to expect. Perhaps there are limited parking spaces within the office block, or a potential build-up of traffic at a certain time which may cause a delay.

We can let the candidate know in advance to make sure there are no surprises or interview day disasters when he/she gets there.

Another benefit of client meetings we have noticed is the dramatic decrease in interview drop off rates. Osborne candidates feel more prepared, knowing exactly what they are waking into therefore increasing interview attendance levels.

Understanding the culture, environment and what the client is looking for also helps when employing temporary staff.

At Osborne, our completion rate on temporary assignments is 98%, largely due to the fact that we prepare our temps through our innovative TED programme
(temporary engagement programme). 



Client meetings = more focus

Nowadays, it’s too easy to get distracted by emails, social media or colleagues particularly when you’re on the phone. Very often important parts of the conversation are missed.

In a face to face situation, this rarely happens as both parties are focused 100% on the task at hand. Face to face conversations also offer better insight into what the other person is thinking– we can pick up on body language and understand how tone affects the context.

This is often lost during a phone or email conversation. With little distraction both parties can explain their needs and services, knowing the other person is fully engaged.

Benefits of client Meetings Osborne Recruitment


At Osborne, we consider ourselves your recruitment partner.

Not only do we make sure to find the best person for your job, we also dramatically ease your workload throughout the entire recruitment process. We offer a multitude of services and ensure the whole process runs as smoothly as possible. Our success rates are proof of that.

We call it the ‘Osborne Way and it’s why so many of our clients continue to partner with us time and time again as vacancies arise.

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