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Osborne Executive Search Case Study

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Case Study -  Director of Engineering & Technical Services

Reporting to the CEO, the remit of the role was broad and the successful candidate would be directly responsible for leading and scaling a large agile team, product delivery and engineering team performance.

The ideal candidate would have exceptional leadership, communication and project management skills with strong experience in identifying and navigating organizational changes. They would demonstrate a keen interest in international trends in engineering and leadership, and not only inspire teams, but also collaborate with both internal and external stakeholders, engaging at the executive level and influence product strategy. The environment within the organisation at this time was unique, the company had acquired a large competitor some years previously and there was significant resistance to change. The product portfolio contained a mixture of legacy products and new product development

 The successful candidate would be required to demonstrate a proven ability to influence and manage change, they would need to be a natural leader but also possess the technical skills and experience with a similar product having led and implemented a transition from Waterfall to Agile methodologies and tools.

Our Process

The initial search commenced employing Osbornes database and network. Having previously placed the Director of Supply Chain for this organisation only a year previously we were confident in our ability to make a successful appointment to this role.

Armed with a strong knowledge of the business, its culture and the make-up of its senior leadership team, we had direct contact with the Global HR Director and the CEO. Utilising all of the information available to us, we mapped the market looking at the senior leadership teams of similar organisations in the client's sector. We identified the senior leaders of their engineering teams and also took an interest in the successors. We engaged a number of senior engineering leaders through our network and via a further search conducted on LinkedIn, the active market was small and light on the requirements needed for this position.

This position would require an extensive search and selection process within the passive market. It took over three weeks to compile a longlist of suitable candidates. From this we conducted first round interviews, utilising a skills matrix we devised to score each individual candidate on their experience and ability to perform and deliver on the technical requirements for the role. Scenario-based questions were employed to identify candidates' style of leadership and approach to resistance and change across large and diverse teams.

Process Continued

In advance of meeting candidates for interview each were tasked to prepare a brief outlining in detail how they went about a programme of change, how they assembled and identified the teams, how they overcame challenges, how they arrived at successful conclusions, outcomes and ultimately, how their course of decision and actions brought value to their company. This interview process was key to the successful delivery of a suitable shortlist to the client.

Once we had conducted interviews with all five of the candidates, detailed profiles and recommendations were prepared along with references and qualifications for presentation to the client.

The client interview process consisted of three stages. The candidates would meet the Head of HR and Head of Product Development at first round. If successful they would then interview with the CEO and COO The third and final stage would require a more technical interview with the Head of R&D for the organisations Swedish site and the CFO based in Germany. We thoroughly prepared and guided the candidate through each stage of the interview process, providing comprehensive feedback from each candidate to the client.

Our feedback and guidance was highly valued by both client and candidate throughout the process, the successful candidate scored exceptionally high at every stage of the interviews process and an offer was extended.

The Result

We managed the negotiation at offer stage, guiding the candidate through the process and closing on the offer within 48 hours.

The successful candidate began the onboarding process directly with the company and we maintained direct contact with both throughout the course of this process to ensure a smooth transition.

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Right Person. Right Job. No Compromise.

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