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How to help your Teen successfully navigate their future: Exploring career paths, college options and how to support your teen throughout the application process 

Complimentary Webinar 

Date:             Wednesday 6th October
Time:             7.00pm – 8.00pm
Location:      Zoom Webinar
Hosted By:   Ayesha Thompson, Talent Solutions Manager, Osborne
Presenters:  Anne Mangan, Teen Career Development Coach & Mentor 

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Wednesday 6th October 7.00pm:  

How to help your Teen successfully navigate their future: Exploring career paths, college options and how to support your teen throughout the application process 

Choosing what to do after finishing school can be an incredibly daunting task for today’s teens. Application deadlines and the points race, not to mention the pressure of choosing the ‘right’ course can leave the teens of today feeling overwhelmed with the task at hand. Although schools provide some support, it is quite often left to the teen to decide and navigate the process themselves. So, as a parent what role can you play and what can you do to support your teen as they prepare for the next phase of their lives? 

In this webinar, our special guest, expert teen career development coach & mentor, Anne Mangan will share her top tips and career advice so that you, the parent, can help your teen get off to a good start. Anne will explain the college application process, important timelines and deadlines and what to expect in the months before your teen transitions to college. 

Anne will also discuss the new world of work and what it means for your teen and the conversations you can have to support their career exploration and decision-making process. 


  • Important Timelines/Deadlines 
  • Open Days – dates/when to attend 
  • Higher education, further education or Apprenticeship 
  • Career Path/Motivators/Drivers/Values – discovering what motivates your teen. Conversations to have to assist their decision-making process 
  • Choosing the right college course (What’s best for your teen for the next 4 years)  
  • The National Framework of Qualifications – how it works and the options available to your teen 
  • Understanding the new world of work, career changes and your teen’s potential future career

Who should attend: 
Parents/Guardians of Transition, 5th and 6th class students interested in learning about the best ways to support their teens as they navigate the college application process


Ayesha Thompson 
Ayesha is the Internal Recruitment & Training Manager for Osborne where she has put her 20 years of recruitment experience into practice. With a background in Accounting and Finance recruitment, Ayesha has cultivated significant insights into the qualities and attributes required by employers across Ireland.  She is a member of National Recruitment Federation consortium with NCI college and created the 1st Recruitment Degree Apprenticeship Program. Ayesha is Chairperson for the NRF Skillnet, promoting further upskilling and development.

Ayesha is a big part of our sister company Osborne Career Consultants. Osborne Career Consultants offers a fresh new approach to career consulting and career guidance using both traditional and modern methods. Using a 360-degree approach, Ayesha is on hand to share her knowledge and support to an individual on their career journey. She helps them to transition, pivot, change direction, strategically plan or choose the career path that’s right for that individual. She has a passion for finding the right career for the right person and helps individuals choose the right career path that aligns with their interests and aptitudes. Ayesha holds both (BPS) Certificate of Competence in Test Use, Occupational, Ability and Hogan Personality Inventory qualifications.

Anne Mangan 
Anne is a Career Development Coach & Mentor with a special interest in helping young people get off to a good start in their career journey. Anne has over 30-years’ experience in higher education – as tutor, programme director, educational developer and educational consultant. Aware of the challenges facing young people as they transition into further/higher education and work, Anne turned her attention to supporting senior cycle secondary school students get off to a good start on their career journey by successfully transitioning into the next phase of their lives.  

Anne works closely with parents as she believes that they have a significant role to play in their teenager’s career exploration, career development and career decision-making. Anne provides both one-to-one support and weeklong programmes for TY, 5th and 6th year students, helping them figure out what they would like to do after finishing school and providing them with the tools to make informed course and career decisions.  

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Wednesday 6th October 7.00pm: 

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